Tidy Tips to Clean Out Your Home or Office During Quarantine


A Handful Guide For a Whole House Cleaning During COVID-19

Many people are still finding themselves in a quarantine related to the novel coronavirus. Whether you’re sick, recovering, or simply taking precautions, staying home for long periods of time can be difficult for even the most introverted person. Children are especially prone to the crazies and need things to do. What do we recommend? Try some back to school cleaning of your home, garage, or shed! Make the most of your quarantine and get your home or office cleaned out. Then call New Jersey junk hauling, who is open as an essential business, to get all of the unwanted items out of your way!

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Quarantine Cleaning Tip: How To Brighten Up Your View

There’s no time like the present to catch up on the cleaning you normally do around your home, or take on an organization project you wouldn’t otherwise have time to get done. The good news is that cleaning out your home or office doesn’t require any trips to the store and can be managed with trash bags, paper towels, and basic soap that you already have on hand. Take advantage of the nice weather by opening up some windows and get started.

Start by washing the inside and outside of your windows. We recommend starting with the outside and using a mild solution of dish soap and hot water. Use a sponge or rag for the best results, and carefully loosen all the dirt, sand, insects, and grime that have accumulated. Rinse well (the hose is a fun option for your kids!) and finish with a lint free cloth or old cotton napkin dampened with a bit of vinegar. This will help with the streaking so your windows are spotlessly clear. The best time to accomplish this task is when the window is not in direct sunlight.

Next, take some time to wipe down the inside of your windows with a lint free cloth and some white vinegar. Most people avoid this task, but are glad when it’s finished because they didn’t even realize how dirty their windows actually were! Your quarantine will be much more pleasant and productive with bright natural light shining into your home.

Make Room In Your Closets & Get Rid Of The Junk!

Quarantine is a great time to get things cleaned out and removed with New Jersey junk hauling services.As we look forward to a season change, try tackling one closet at a time by swapping off season wardrobe items. As you put everything back into the closet, consider whether you need or want the item. If you haven’t worn something in a year, you probably won’t wear it again. Make a donate pile and a junk pile.

Set Yourself Up For a Successful Home Cleaning Day With Achievable Goals!

The best way to be productive during quarantine is to set achievable, specific goals. Maybe you want to clean out one room per week, or organize a specific area in your home. Think beyond closets to your bathroom cabinets, the garage, the shed, home office, or the upper kitchen cabinets that don’t get used very often. Some people like to clean out their deep freezer and try some new recipes. Think outside the box! Once you’re finished, Long Valley junk removal is ready to haul away all the extras.

Clean Out Your Pantry From All The Unnecessary Garbage!

It’s easy to overlook frequently used areas of your home, such as the pantry. Quarantine is the perfect time to clean it out, take an inventory, and re-organize. Make a list of your dry goods and see how they fit with the meals you may want to make. Maybe it’s a good time to try out some new recipes or write up a creative meal plan.

Be sure to toss old nuts, flours, and other items that tend to get stuck in the back of the pantry and go rancid. Anything that is expired should be tossed, too. Once you’ve re-arranged what you have so things are easy to find, you’ll love seeing all of your options. You may even be able to skip a trip to the store by using something you’d forgotten you had already bought!

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Junk Rx is ready to help you have a productive quarantine by safely removing anything you no longer want. We are open as an essential building and can take payment over the phone for a no contact experience. Leave your junk on the curb and we’ll take care of the rest for a smooth, no stress process. To get started, contact Junk Rx today. You’re a quick phone call away from no more junk!

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