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I wanted you to know that given the stress I was under this past week that your help and advice made all the difference in making what I thought was an impossible task of cleaning out my brothers apartment manageable. You went the extra mile in every way: working until the job was done and coming back to finish removing all the furniture. I don’t know how you do the work you do and remain in good spirits but you do! Your the best!

Gary E.

We had a garage full of absolute space wasting stuff that we had no idea what to do with. Junk Rx came in and hauled it all away. We had an old television, some broken appliances we never got around to getting rid of, and even a beat up couch that was taking up way too much room in our garage. Eventually, things piled up to where we couldn’t park our cars in there anymore. Junk Rx had no problem hauling it all away and giving us a clean, fresh garage that could fit BOTH of our vehicles in finally!

Jordan P.

When we moved into our new house, there was an old swingset in the backyard that we needed to get rid of. It was old and pretty unsafe for the kids to play on, so we didn’t want to risk them hurting themselves. We called Junk Rx to come take it away and they had no trouble getting rid of it at all. We thought maybe it wouldn’t be possible seeing as it was such a large piece of equipment, but they had it out of there in less than a day! Not only were they fast, but it was surprisingly affordable!

Courtney C.

We searched and searched for someone to get some of the unnecessary junk out of our apartment, but lots of places don’t do apartment cleanouts to the extent that we needed it. Junk Rx gave us a great quote and they cleaned out our apartment of all of our unnecessary clutter. Saving space in an apartment is really important, so when they hauled away our things, it was like a whole difference space! I will definitely use them again when things eventually begin to pile up again!

Lisa K.



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