New Jersey Junk Removal

Residential, Commercial Cleanouts & More!

When your property is overcrowded with unnecessary clutter that is seemingly impossible to move, contact the New Jersey junk hauling experts at Junk Rx to clear away your junk on your commercial or residential property. We can clean out a variety of objects from your property with ease.

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New Jersey Junk Removal Services By Junk Rx

Residential Junk Removal In New Jersey

Over the years, clutter and unwanted junk can pile up in your home. Even though we don’t intend to let things accumulate like this, it happens regardless. At Junk Rx, we specialize in residential junk cleanouts in New Jersey. We can help you maximize the space in your home by removing bulky items like unused appliances, furniture like couches, beds, and mattresses, and we can even remove the vast amounts of smaller items that sit unused in tight corners! For top rated junk removal services in NJ and throughout the state of New Jersey, including Oxford Township junk removal, talk to Junk Rx!

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New Jersey Junk Removal Services

Types of Junk We Take

When you have a variety of things that you need to have removed from your commercial or residential property, trust the team at Junk Rx to haul away your clutter in New Jersey. We take a variety of items ranging from large items such as appliances, couches, beds, chairs, tables, and mattresses, to smaller debris that can take up large amounts of space. We can also take away trash and debris from your property, leaving it clean and open!

New Jersey Junk Removal

New Jersey Junk Removal Near Me

To find the right junk clean out services near you in New Jersey, look no further than Junk Rx. We service the entire state of New Jersey, including Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Edison, and more. Get thorough and fast Summerfield junk hauling for your commercial or residential property in New Jersey with the trusted team at Junk Rx. Transform your home or business today by clearing away the junk and debris from your life, with Junk Rx.

New Jersey House Junk Cleanouts
NJ Foreclosure Cleanouts

Get your foreclosure property professionally cleaned out with junk hauling services from Junk Rx. We can make the process easy and quick with help from our junk hauling experts!

New Jersey Basement Cleanouts
New Jersey Basement Cleanouts

When you have basement, it’s easy to toss things underground and quickly forget about them. For fast and easy basement clean outs in New Jersey, contact Junk Rx.

New Jersey Attic Junk Removal
New Jersey Attic Junk removal

Get rid of the clutter and space-eating items that have stacked up in your attic. Trust the attic clean out professionals and attic junk removal pros at Junk Rx in New Jersey.

New Jersey Backyard Junk Haul
New Jersey Backyard junk haul

Make your backyard a fun place to hang out again and contact our New Jersey junk removal team! We can clean out your backyard with ease and efficiency!

New Jersey Garage Cleanouts
New Jersey Garage Cleanouts

If you have a garage that is quickly accumulating junk & other items, contact our Washington NJ junk removal pros and White Township junk hauling team to clean out your cluttered garage.

New Jersey Storage Unit Cleanouts
NJ Storage Unit Cleanouts

When you need a professional team to clear away the junk in your storage unit, contact the junk hauling experts at Junk Rx in New Jersey for fast and easy junk removal!

New Jersey Office and Commercial Junk Removal Services

Commercial Junk Hauling in New Jersey

At Junk Rx, we not only service residential properties but specialize in junk removal for commercial properties as well. Commercial locations can quickly accumulate unnecessary clutter and items that simply eat up space. Our Palmer Township junk removal team can haul away the unwanted junk and debris from a variety of commercial properties, such as foreclosed retail locations and relocating office buildings. We service office spaces and buildings, retail locations, and much more.

If you are a property manager and you need your rental property cleaned out, contact the rental property junk removal experts at Junk Rx. Our New Jersey junk hauling team can make sure your rental property is free and clear of all unwanted debris and clutter to make your job easier! Contact our Harmony Township junk removal team!



Stop living with the junk that is bringing down the energy in your home, making it look old, or limiting your space. Take back your home so that you enjoy it again, or get your home ready to sell so you can maximize your profits. Call the professionals at Junk Rx to help!

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