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When you hire Junk RX to come and clear out your High Bridge property of unnecessary items, you are bringing in a family-owned and -operated company. We have serviced people all over New Jersey and we can clear out both residential and commercial properties for more than 20 years. Our junk haulers are experts at doing things efficiently. Check us out!

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    Top Rated Junk Hauling Services Near Your High Bridge Property

    We have an excellent reputation in the junk removal field thanks to our highly qualified haulers who will come to your place and get anything you need removed out of there in no time. They are punctual, courteous, and they will leave your place in good shape. We also get high praise for our reasonable rates, which won’t strain your budget. If you live in the High Bridge area, reach out to us today to see what we can do for you.

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    Our Junk Removal Service Includes

    Professional Junk Removal For Residents In High Bridge

    Things can accumulate in your High Bridge home in what seems like a short amount of time. Things can feel cramped. That’s where Junk RX can come in. We take care of that problem by removing the items that no longer service. Before you know it, plenty of space will be freed up. It doesn’t matter how big or little the items are – our expert junk haulers will quickly carry them out in the blink of an eye. Just tell them what you need removed and they will do the job for you.

    We Take Junk & Old Appliances In High Bridge, NJ


    We Take Junk & Old Furniture In High Bridge


    We Take Junk & Old Residential Mattresses In High Bridge


    We Take Junk & Offer Old Sheds Cleanouts In High Bridge


    We Take Pools Junk Removal In High Bridge


    We Take Junk & Property Debris Removal In High Bridge


    We Take Junk & Provide Fence Removal Services In High Bridge


    Swing Sets Removal In High Bridge

    Swing Sets

    We Take Construction Junk Removal In High Bridge


    We Take Junk & Hot Tub Removal Service In High Bridge

    Hot Tubs

    We Take Junk & Deck Debris Removal In High Bridge


    All Items We Take
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    Local Junk Pickup In High Bridge

    You won’t have to wait long for the junk haulers from Junk RX to come to your High Bridge home. They know the area well and will get in and out of your place in absolutely no time. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is either – they will come whatever the season is: Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. The expert junk removal workers will get the items you want to get rid of out of your sight in next to no time. Have things to get rid of? Contact us today.

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    High Bridge Junk Removal Services Near You With 5 Star Reviews

    When you look up Junk RX on sites like Yelp! and Google Maps, you will see excellent reviews. That is because everyone at Junk RX takes their job seriously … and that job is to be both highly efficient and courteous at removing the junk from your home or your commercial property. Our skilled junk haulers will help you get into the clean life that you always wanted. You will be glad that you did it. Contact us today to learn more about our rates and set up an appointment.

    Nick and his crew are fantastic. I’ve hired them twice with no regrets. Quick, efficient, and super nice. And great pricing too!

    ★★★★★ Megan D.

    I highly recommend Junk Rx. Nick and his assistant turned up on time and the removal of all my items was done with great care and efficiency. The price was very reasonable too. I will definitely be using Junk Rx again in the very near future.

    ★★★★★ Annette G.

    I highly recommend Nick! They were in constant communication about our needs, arrived right on time, took care of everything professionally and efficiently and were extremely reasonable. Can’t say enough about this team!

    ★★★★★ Cathy S.

    Cost Effective Debris & Trash Hauling Team

    Trash and debris can build up before you know it. Then your only goal is to get rid of it. Let Junk RX come do that for you. We can take anything regardless of size and remove it from your place. You will love seeing your space become less and less cluttered as they work. Before you know it, that trash and debris will be a distant memory and you will enjoy having a lot of free space to stretch out and enjoy life. Best of all? We do it for highly affordable rates.

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    Commercial & Residential Furniture Removal Near You

    When it comes to removing furniture, it doesn’t matter to us if the items are located in a residence or a commercial property. Our workers can handle either scenario. All you have to do is look up “furniture removal near me” and reach out to us. We will then give you a free quote on what it would cost. If you find that to your liking, then we will come do the job for you.

    Fast & Thorough Junk Removal Services

    Get Rid Of Unnecessary Furniture & Trash With Our Haul Away Services

    When you look at all the furniture and trash that has built up in your commercial or residential property, it can feel very intimidating. Where would you start? That can lead you to doing nothing … and building up more trash. Don’t wait any longer. Bring in the professional junk haulers from Junk RX to come get those things out. They will not hesitate at all and they will clear out the area before you know it. Once we have hauled the things away, you will be amazed at all the empty space that you have available. Then you can figure out how to fill that space.

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    Top-Rated Basement Cleanouts In High Bridge, NJ
    High Bridge Basement Cleanouts

    It’s easy to fill up your basement in your High Bridge home. You just keep taking things down there. But then it gets awfully crowded. Let the skilled junk haulers from Junk RX clear out that basement for you.

    Top-Rated Home Foreclosure Cleanouts In High Bridge, NJ
    High Bridge Foreclosure Cleanouts

    Home foreclosures can catch people flat-footed, especially if there are a lot of things in it. Our junk removal experts will come clear the place so that the new person can move in comfortably.

    Top-Rated Attic Junk Removal In High Bridge, NJ
    High Bridge Attic Junk Removal

    Just like the basement, an attic can get full very quickly. Then you realize that the things that you thought were memorable … weren’t. We can get rid of that junk for you in no time.

    Top-Rated Backyard Junk Haul In High Bridge, NJ
    Backyard Junk Haul Near High Bridge

    You like having a clean backyard. But then you started running out of room and you kept putting things there. Now it looks very cluttered. We can get rid of that for you and give you back your open backyard.

    Top-Rated Garage Cleanouts In High Bridge, NJ
    High Bridge Garage Cleanouts

    Garages can be sneaky. You think that you just want to keep your vehicle in there … but then it becomes a catch-all for other things. Before you know it, you have problems parking in there. Let us help you reclaim your garage.

    Top-Rated Storage Unit Cleanouts In High Bridge, NJ
    High Bridge Storage Unit Cleanouts

    When things get too crowded at home, you can get a storage unit, right? Well, those can fill up really quickly too. How many items do you actually want to keep? Or if you inherit one, you can clear out the junk through us.

    Certified Junk Removal Company

    Why Choose Our Clean Out Services

    There are a few reasons. The first is that we are professionals at this. We also offer extremely reasonable rates for the job that we do. Our skilled junk haulers are the best at what they do and they will do the job in an efficient manner. We work hard and we get the job done. It doesn’t matter what size the items are, we will haul them out of your commercial or residential property. If you live in the High Bridge area, reach out to us today.

    Trash, Furniture, and Debris House Clean Out In High Bridge, NJ
    Trash, Furniture, And Debris House Clean Out
    Over the course of our twenty-plus years in the junk removal business, we have seen some homes filled to the brim with junk. We can get those places clean quickly and we can do the same for you.
    Competitive Junk Removal Prices In High Bridge, NJ
    Competitive Junk Removal Prices Near High Bridge
    The junk removal business is a competitive one and we offer the best prices in the High Bridge area. We also offer the best service for the price. You will be glad you reached out to us for this task.
    Skilled Property Junk Removal Service In High Bridge, NJ
    Skilled Junk Removal Service Near Your High Bridge Property
    You might be tempted to try to remove junk yourself to save money. If you do that, you risk possibly hurting yourself, especially if you do it alone. Let our team of professionals do the job for you.
    Rubbish Removal Company With Five Star Reviews In High Bridge, NJ
    Rubbish Removal Company With Five Star Reviews
    No matter how much trash or rubbish you may have gathered, our highly qualified junk haulers will remove it in an efficient manner. They are trained to do this and it shows in their excellence.
    High Bridge Favorite Junk And Old Furniture Haulers Near You
    High Bridge’s Favorite Junk & Old Furniture Haulers
    Old furniture can have its charms. Until they lose that charm. Then you want to get rid of it. Junk RX can come do that for you and leave space for you to get new furniture.
    Reliable Debris Removal Services Near You In High Bridge, NJ
    Reliable Debris Removal Services Near You
    You want people you can rely on to remove your junk. That would be us at Junk RX. We quote you an affordable price and then come do the job quickly and professionally.
    Professional Build, Remodel, & Construction Debris Removal In High Bridge
    Professional Build, Remodel, & Construction Debris Removal
    When you have work done on your home or commercial property, there can be a lot of debris left behind. Not to worry. Contact us at Junk RX and we will get rid of that for you.

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    We know that times can be tough on people’s budgets. That is why we are upfront when we offer our free quote on our junk removal service. When people see how cost effective it is, they are glad to hire us. Then they get to see our professional workers come and get rid of their junk quickly. If you live in the High Bridge area, contact us at Junk RX today to see what we can do for you and your home or commercial property.

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