Get Rid Of Unwanted Stuff Before Moving

What To Remove & Where To Start When Decluttering For A Move

Are you ready to move into a new home? Have you already started packing up your things? If you haven’t, it might be time to get rid of some unwanted items before planning your move.

Moving can be stressful, especially if you don’t plan on time. The last thing you want is to spend hours unpacking boxes only to realize that you forgot something important. Or worse, you might forget to pack something that you actually need.

A New Jersey junk removal company will explain below the importance of getting rid of some items before moving. Take note of it so you can enjoy your new home without much stress!

Decluttering For A Move In Arizona

Why Declutter & Organize Before a Move

Aside from saving yourself the stress of decluttering after you move, there are other advantages to carefully organizing a move that most people are unaware of. Some of them are mentioned below.

Spend Less Money On Transportation

Most people would undoubtedly be interested in this subject! Decluttering, purging, and getting rid of items before relocating can save transportation costs, especially if you use a moving company.

Most businesses charge based on weight, so minimizing your purchases will be good for your budget.

Fewer Packing Supplies

Having fewer items also means spending less money on packing supplies, which can benefit the environment by reducing waste from discarding cardboard, duct tape, and other materials. Have this in mind when you begin packing!

Fewer Things To Unpack After A Move

It will be easier to settle into your new house later if you start the decluttering process before the moving day. If you decide to use a storage unit, it may also help to keep it cleaner, especially if you use a Palmer Township Retail Junk Outs service.

It’s also worth taking a test run when your house needs cleaning, and decluttering as if you’re moving ahead of time to prepare. Starting early will pay you in the end because you’ll have space in your new house to arrange your furnishings precisely as you want.

What To Do Before A Move

Organizing and decluttering before a move will not only help you start packing, but it is also an essential step to ensure your move goes smoothly. The mess and number of stuff you have to move will be reduced, which is important if you’re making a long-distance move.

Without a plan, it might be challenging to start a decluttering project. Therefore, you should get started as soon as possible to save time later. You’ll need to make a plan based on a few areas to organize your house cleaning successfully. 

Tips For Staying Organized During A Move

  • Create a household inventory list: Using a decluttering checklist will help you stay organized before your move.
  • Consider the distance traveled and your new home size: This is essential while preparing for a move and before calling a Summerfield  junk removal service. It’s also essential when decluttering because you can only bring so much.
  • Keep the furniture and appliances you use most frequently: Keep hold of them if you have a reliable refrigerator or a range oven that you adore.
  • Don’t be scared to let go of the past: This can be a challenging aspect of relocating and of life in general, but as they say, let go of the old to make room for the new!
  • Before you relocate, get rid of anything you won’t buy again: Do you own any products that you purchased to use later but haven’t? Most likely, it’s best to let things go.

What To Get Rid Of When Moving

Following your moving list and packing plan thoroughly is the greatest method to learn which items to get go of when moving. What do you need most urgently? Always follow the golden rule we mention below.

What Should You Do Before a Big Move? The 20/20 Rule

The 20/20 rule is a simple technique to help you get rid of clutter while moving, especially with personal objects. Simply consider the following before calling your trusted New Jersey junk removal service:

  • If the cost of replacing the item is less than $20
  • if replacing the item takes less than 20 minutes

The 20/20 rule is excellent advice for your moving preparation checklist, but it can also help with more challenging tasks like letting go of sentimental items that contain special memories. Despite your desire to keep them, doing so will make the transition easier.

Contact A New Jersey Junk Removal Service For Help

Whatever you need to remove, Junk Rx can give you the home junk removal services you need! We remove practically everything that may be found on a residential property, from construction waste to used furniture.

Contact us now to request a quote and get ready for your moving plan! 


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