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At Junk Rx, we remove unwanted and unnecessary junk from your residential or commercial property. Get rid of that old rusted bike, stuff crowding up your garage, or unused or broken oven that has long since been removed from its proper place in in the kitchen. Junk Rx can take away just about anything on your property, including appliances, beds and mattresses, old swing sets, fences, construction debris, and many other items that you wish to have removed from your home or commercial property! With Junk Rx, you can take comfort in knowing that your property will be cleaned out efficiently and thoroughly. Here are some common questions we receive from our customers:

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Frequently Asked Junk Removal Questions

Absolutely! We clean out and remove junk from all types of properties and locations, including barns, sheds, construction sites, and more! If it has junk in it, we can get it cleaned out!

Of course! Junk Rx partners with a great number of commercial and residential property managers and Realtors to clean out and remove junk. Our mission is to create more opportunities for our customers and clients alike.

You got it! Disposing of your old car battery doesn’t have to be hard. Contact Junk Rx in Phoenix or in Washington, New Jersey, to schedule your junk removal.

Sure! We remove lawn mowers and other lawn and yard debris, junk and more. Whether the junk is broken, in working condition, new or old, we can take it off your hands!

Junk Rx does take old bath tubs and toilets, as long as there’s no one still in it! Junk Rx makes it easy to remove old debris, appliances, and stuff from your home or business when you’re remodeling, installing new appliances, and more!

We can take away your couches, chairs, tables, beds, mattresses, dressers, and any furniture that clutters your home and occupies too much space. For help hauling away your furniture in Phoenix or New Jersey, contact the professional residential and commercial clean out experts at Junk Rx. Learn more about what items we take.

We can help! Storing stuff in your attic often means that junk can accumulate and collect dust through the years. For help clearing your attic of unwanted and old items that just seem to take up space, get top rated junk removal services from Junk Rx.

Yes, Junk Rx removes a wide variety of appliances for residential and commercial properties! We know that large items like appliances can take up a lot of much needed space, especially when you don’t have the time or resources to have them removed.

Commercial Debris Removal

When you have an office or retail location that needs professional NJ and Harmony Township junk removal services, Junk Rx specializes in hauling away your unwanted items. We haul junk away from office buildings, retail foreclosures and bankruptcies, retail stores, and any commercial location that needs a complete property cleanup. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to clear out your commercial space when you are trying to run a business and there are so many things to take care of. With Junk Rx, we can make the process easy and stress free. Get your unwanted items removed from your commercial property with our PA junk removal company or our Summerfield junk haulers.

Commercial property junk removal cleanout and debris removal services
Residential property cleanout and home junk removal services

Residential Clean Out Services

Over the years, junk can really add up around your home, and it can look quite unattractive as old and unused items pile on top of one another. At Junk Rx, we take extra care to haul away your unwanted and old items that have quickly become an eyesore around your house. We are a dedicated Palmer Township junk hauling company that can take away almost any item in your home including beds, mattresses, appliances, furniture, swing sets, fences, and other various items lying around your home. For top rated junk removal services in New Jersey, contact the professionals at Junk Rx to clear out your home.



Are you in need of junk removal services for your home, office location, managed property, or for a foreclosed property? Contact the experienced property cleanout professionals at Junk Rx in New Jersey for a fast, free, and friendly quote from our staff.

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