Effective Tips To Declutter Your Basement

Turn Your Basement Into a Cool & Cozy Space With These Junk Removal Tips

If your home has a basement, it’s likely that it contains many years’ worth of junk and items you no longer need. Many homeowners use their basements as a catch-all place for storing extra furniture, old dishes, seasonal decorations, clothes and shoes that no longer fit, and all sorts of other items that they don’t use in their daily lives. For many people, this results in a messy and chaotic basement that is difficult to keep clean and can’t be used for anything else. Maybe it’s time to initiate a major cleanup so that you can turn your basement into a cool and cozy living space! Check out these effective tips for decluttering your basement from New Jersey junk removal.

Turn Your Basement Into a Cool & Cozy Space With These Junk Removal Tips In New Jersey.

Get Ready: Overview Your Basement Before The Removal

Like any other major project, it’s best to start with a basic plan of how you will get your basement cleaned and what you want it to look like once you’re finished. Depending on how many things you plan to have hauled away by a New Jersey junk removal service, you’ll probably need some supplies. Take some time to overview your basement and what types of stuff you have. Some people may need trash bags and cardboard boxes, while others may even need a dumpster. Or maybe you just need to fold down the seats in your van or clean out your pickup truck so you can make a run to the thrift store. You may also need some cleaning supplies, gloves, extra lighting, and a good pair of shoes. Some people will want to make a playlist of motivating, upbeat music to listen to while they work on their basement cleanout.

Determine The Rules & Get Organized

When decluttering your basement, you’ll essentially be sorting things into three basic piles: keep, toss/recycle, and donate. Determine the rules for what you’ll be keeping:

  • Do you need the item? Do you like the item? Have you used it recently? Does it have sentimental value or is it expensive to replace? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, it’s probably best to keep it. 
  • If you no longer need or want an item, it doesn’t fit well, you haven’t used it in a long time, it’s broken, or it’s simply old and worn out, consider tossing or recycling it with Summerfield junk hauling
  • If you no longer need or want an item, or haven’t used it in a long time, but it’s still in good condition, has value, or you know someone who could use it, consider selling it, gifting it to a friend, or donating it to the thrift store. 

As you begin to sort through the things in your basement, consider which category it belongs in. Anything you want to keep should be put away upstairs in a designated area so you can go through it all and put it away once you’re finished in the basement. Items that should be recycled or tossed should go in your recycling bins or garbage bags. Donations should go into separate boxes to deal with later.

Divide & Conquer

Looking at a large or very messy basement can feel overwhelming; breaking it down into sections can make the job easier and feel less intimidating. Start in one corner and make your way out from there. It’s usually easiest to start with the larger items. Moving furniture, exercise equipment, and old TVs out of the way first will free up work space and make it easier for you to see everything else that needs to be sorted. Gradually work your way down to the smaller items until everything in the basement is separated in one of your three piles. 

Don’t forget to take time to clean off everything you decide to keep and to find a good spot for it in your home. Call Palmer Township junk hauling to get rid of the items you no longer need. 

Finally, once your basement space is cleared out, give it a good deep cleaning with a shop vac, mop, and gentle cleaner. It might be a good time to take care of any necessary repairs or deal with pests before the fun part begins – renovating and redecorating your newly cleaned space into something useful and beautiful.

Get Rid Of Your Basement Clutter

The team at Junx Rx is ready to remove your basement clutter. Our fast, friendly service will get unwanted items out of your driveway so you are left with open, clean space. Let us haul away your junk in New Jersey today! Call our office to schedule your appointment and be done with the junk for good.


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