5 Easy Steps To Achieve a Clean House In 2022

Determined To Keep Your Home Clean In 2022? Five Steps To Follow

It’s finally 2022, and like many people, your New Year’s resolutions might have included getting better at keeping your house clean in this coming year. Now that you’ve made your plan, the hard part is what comes next: actually sticking to your resolutions and following through so you get that clean house you’ve been wanting.

However, keeping your home clean in 2022 doesn’t have to be one of those resolutions that gets forgotten about by the end of January. New Jersey junk removal service has your back! Follow these five easy steps so that you can have a clean house in the coming year.

Determined To Keep Your Home Clean In 2022? Five Steps To Follow In New Jersey.

5 Easy Steps To Keeping Your Home Clean: New Year, New Home

1. Develop a Cleaning Schedule

Since most of our daily and weekly lives already run on a schedule, or at least some kind of routine, it can be really helpful to create a cleaning schedule that works well with your lifestyle and activities. Try choosing one day of the week to take care of all of your laundry or wash your floors. Some people like to have one day to focus on most of their housework, while others will prefer to have a couple of specific cleaning tasks each day so that it is all spaced out throughout the week. Maybe you even want to set aside one day a month for decluttering and preparing items for Palmer Township junk removal.

2. Stash Cleaning Equipment In Convenient Places Around Your Home

While a fully stocked and organized cleaning closet is a beautiful sight, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra scrubbing power stashed throughout your home. This helps cleaning be faster and more convenient, making it easier for you to keep your house in order the way you want. Stock each bathroom with its own toilet brush, cleaner, and paper towels, along with disposable cleaning cloths for quick cleaning needs. If your home has multiple floors, make sure each level is stocked with some of the basics: garbage bags, all purpose cleaner, disposable cleaning cloths, and a broom or vacuum.

3. Reorganize The Common Areas Of Your Home

Every home has a place where the clutter gets stashed: most often, this is the kitchen counter, entryway, or living room table. Avoid this problem by reorganizing the common areas of your home and calling Summerfield junk hauling to take away everything you no longer need. Find a place to hang up keys and backpacks. Consider a desk or wall mounted organizer so that mail doesn’t pile up on the kitchen counter. Put shoes away as soon as anyone enters the house. Once it becomes a habit to keep the common areas of your home clean as you go throughout the day, you’ll be amazed at how much nicer your home looks!

4. Clean Your Kitchen As You Cook

Kitchens are notorious for being one of the messiest and dirtiest spots in the house, and as open concept homes become more popular, that means the overwhelming mess is on view 24/7. While you can avoid this mess by eating out or ordering food in, the more affordable solution is to clean up right away as you cook. Wash dishes as you go and take care of leftovers right away. Empty the dishwasher before dinner and run it again immediately after a meal. Give everyone in the family a job at the end of the meal so clean up goes quickly; even the smallest members of the family can help pick up their own plates.

5. Set Yourself Up For Success!

Even the smallest habits in your home can be some of the biggest ways to keep your home clean this year. Set yourself up for success with these hacks:

  • Keep extra trash bags at the bottom of your garbage can or in a nearby cabinet so you always have a fresh one ready when taking out the trash.
  • Require yourself to fold every load of laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Not only will you avoid overwhelming piles of unfolded laundry, but you’ll save on ironing, too!
  • Keep your kitchen garbage can open while you cook so you can easily dispose of trash as you go.
  • Every night, spend 10-15 minutes folding up your throw blankets and couch pillows, taking care of garbage, putting away electronics, throwing the next load of laundry into the wash, picking up dirty clothes and towels off the floor, and emptying your dishwasher in preparation for the morning.
  • Give your bathroom a quick wipe down every morning to prevent grime and bacteria from accumulating.

Contact Professional New Jersey Junk Outs To Keep Your Home Clean

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to keep your home clean, Junk Rx is your top choice to conveniently remove all the extra clutter hanging around your home. We are dedicated to providing fast and efficient service with a commitment to caring for our local community and recycling. Contact us today for all of your junk removal needs!

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