5 Most Common Reasons to Call a Junk Removal Company

We all have more junk than we would like. You might have an attic full of boxes of things you don’t really need. Or your business might have a whole basement full of old computers and photo copiers that are never going to be useful again. You can tackle the junk yourself and spend a day or more sweating it out and getting filthy, but why? You can easily hire an Washington NJ junk removal company to do that work for you.

5 most common reasons to call a junk removal company

Whether you are looking to clear junk out of your home or business, the professionals can help. Here are the five most common reasons why people call a junk removal company for help:

Moving Properties

moving to another property green truck iconMaybe you are ready to sell your home, or maybe you need to move your office to a new location. You can pack up that junk and take it with you, but why move your problem from one location to the next? If you are moving properties, you can get a New Jesery junk removal company to efficiently remove everything you don’t want so that you focus your efforts on the valuable things that will be coming with you.

Having that junk removed not only makes your move a little easier, but it also cleans up your property so that it looks better for potential buyers. Often, you sell a home while you are still living in it, or you take photos of your business property while it is still occupied. By getting rid of that junk, you can make your property look more spacious and more appealing, which will help it sell faster and for more money.


getting rid of home appliancesSometimes you move properties because you need more space. Sometimes you do it because you want less space – making it easier for you to maintain and costing you less money in upkeep. Downsizing requires not only that you get a smaller property but also that you have less stuff to put in it. A junk removal company can help you get rid of the things you don’t need in one fell swoop.

Junk removal professionals can take away old furniture, appliances, extras from your yard sale, and anything else you want gone. They can take items that are in good condition and donate them, and they can take plain old junk and haul it to the dump. They’ll do the work so you don’t have to, and they’ll do it much more quickly and for less money than you would spend paying your employees or renting the hauling equipment.

Improving Safety

get rid of old rusted carYou may have meant to get around to fixing up that old Chevy in the yard, but now that you have a baby, you don’t have time. And it’s a huge safety hazard when your baby becomes a toddler and wants to start exploring everything. In your business, you may have meant to refurbish that equipment, but now it’s just taking up space in the warehouse and causing a hazard for the stockers walking up and down the aisles.

Getting a junk removal company to take away old equipment and reduce clutter can improve the safety of your home or business. Rusty metal, protruding nails, rotting wood, and other materials can lead to serious injury. In addition, things like empty cars, piles of yard waste, or even banker boxes full of old paper can attract pests, bacteria, and mildew, all of which pose health hazards. Junk removal professionals can improve the health and safety of your property by removing these items.

Avoiding a Citation

create a safe environmentThat pile of scrap metal in your yard may not bother you, but the neighbors have about had enough. Similarly, you may not think that your pile of pallets and crates in your loading dock is hurting anything, but the other tenants in your building may have different ideas. Your junk may become a nuisance to others, and you may be at risk for a huge fine from your city or county.

Calling in a junk removal company can save you a lot of money on penalties. Plus, you’ll save relationships with your neighbors.


local junk removal company near meMost people hire a junk removal company because it is just more convenient to have the professionals deal with their junk than doing the work themselves. Depending on how much junk you have, clearing it out could take a whole day or even whole weeks. Not many people have time for that, which is why the junk lingers so long in the first place. Plus, not many people have the equipment or the know-how to handle all the junk they have safely or efficiently.

If you own a business, it is more convenient to hire a junk removal company than to have your employees deal with it. Not only will you pay less money for the service than you would for your employees’ hourly salary and benefits, but you also won’t lose important hours from other business tasks that need your employees’ attention. Hiring professionals is just more convenient all around.

A junk removal company can help you if you are remodeling, downsizing, moving properties, or just plain don’t want to do the work of cleaning up your property yourself.

Whether you live in Palmer Township or in Washington, New Jersey, Junk Rx can clean out your property, whether you are a homeowner or business owner. We can clean out specific items, such as old appliances when you are getting new ones or construction debris when you are remodeling. Or we can clean out an entire property, such as getting rid of someone’s junk when you move into a new place. Call us today to get a quote or to learn more about our services.

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